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University of Michigan Names Knight-Wallace Fellows for 2013-2014

The Knight-Wallace Fellows program at the University of Michigan has named 12 American and seven international journalists for the 2013-2014 academic year. The group is the 40th to be offered fellowships by the University.

"This is a remarkable group," said Fellowship Director Charles R. Eisendrath, a former TIME correspondent in Washington, London, Paris and Buenos Aires.  "Each year we look not only for people with distinguished records, but above all for people who will use this special opportunity to grow professionally and personally.  We think those things go together."

While on leave from regular duties, Knight-Wallace Fellows pursue customized sabbatical studies and attend twice-weekly seminars at Wallace House, a gift from the late newsman Mike Wallace and his wife Mary.  The program also includes training in narrative writing, multi-platform journalism and entrepreneurial enterprise.  News tours for the KWF group to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Istanbul are arranged by host news organizations.

Knight-Wallace Fellows receive a stipend of $70,000 for the eight-month academic year plus full tuition and healthcare insurance.  Funding is entirely from endowment gifts by foundations, news organizations and individuals committed to improving the quality of information reaching the public.

2013-2014 Fellows and their study projects are:

Petra Bartosiewicz, writer (Harper’s, LA Magazine, The New York Times); The institutionalization of the War on Terror

Jenny Baxter, head of production, BBC News; How can large news organizations adapt for the ongoing digital media revolution?

Martin Bidegaray, business reporter, Clarin (Buenos Aires); Dynasties: Families and the newspapers they own

Sylvia Colombo, Buenos Aires correspondent, Folha de Sao Paulo; The final years of the Brazilian Monarchy

Patrick Coolican, columnist, Las Vegas Sun; Sports and gambling

Ilja Herb, photographer (National Geographic (DE), Canadian Geographic), Enbridge and its transport of bitumen and documentary filming

Laura Holson, staff writer, The New York Times; Creation and promotion of digital storytelling

Michael Innes, senior journalist, BBC World Service; The use of Syrian citizen journalists by international media outlets

Si-haeng Jeong, staff writer, World News Desk, Chosun Ilbo (Seoul); Women’s leadership in Korean and international politics

Bonney Kapp, producer, CBS News; The impact of the proliferation of news outlets on presidential politics

Ruhullah Khapalwak,correspondent (CNN, The New York Times, Al Jazeera English); The effects of the digital revolution on journalism in the developing world

Louisa Lim, Beijing Correspondent, NPR; China’s post-Tiananmen political development: can its political system survive?

Curt Nickisch, reporter, WBUR (Boston); Can technological education stop displacing American middle-class jobs?

Marcia Pledger, columnist, The Plain Dealer (Cleveland); Business Etiquette writer

Cynthia Rodriguez, reporter, WNYC (New York Public Radio); The connection between poverty and mental illness in the US and abroad

Megha Satyanarayana, reporter, Detroit Free Press; Genetically modified foods: the fact and fiction of what we eat

Toni Sciaretta, senior financial journalist, Folha de Sao Paulo; Brazil’s financial infrastructure

Laura Starecheski, radio producer, State of the Re-Union; American perpetrators and media coverage of violence

Alex Stone, writer and author (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR); The science of addiction

Scott Tong, correspondent, Market Place Public Radio; Comparative innovation eco-systems and innovation history in China

James Wellford, photo editor (formerly Newsweek); A news platform focused on words and experiences of photojournalists



Fellows were selected by Charles Eisendrath, John Costa (editor-in-chief, Western Communications (OR), and Editor, The (Bend, OR) Bulletin), Ford Fessenden (graphics editor, The New York Times), Bobbi Low (professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, UM), Birgit Rieck (assistant director, Knight-Wallace Fellows), Sarah Robbins (Knight-Wallace Fellow ’12; senior producer, BBC World News America), Carl Simon (professor, Mathematics and Complex Systems, UM), and Ellen Soeteber (chair, Advisory Board at the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships and former editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch).




The Knight-Wallace Fellows class of 2012-2013 traveled to Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada in October to visit the sites of two oil sand production mines, Suncor Energy and Syncrude Canada Ltd. and to a research facility owned by CanmetENERGY. Canmet employs more than 450 scientists, engineers and technicians to research clean energy technology and development.

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KWF Remembers Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace Livbio

Mary Wallace died at her home in New York City on September 1, 2012. Everyday at Walllace House, Mary will be remembered for her generous support and the gift she bestowed upon the program in 1992, the Arts and Crafts house that serves as the heart of the program. The Mike and Mary Wallace House is the administrative office for the Knight-Wallace Fellows and Livingston Awards and home for our seminars and fellowship life.

To make a gift to the Knight-Wallace Fellows or Livingston Awards>> more>>

Knight-Wallace Board Member moderates debate for the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Clarence Page bio

How big is the current cultural, economic, and social divide? How does it differ from the divide Michael Harrington brought to light 50 years ago in his book, The Other America? What is the role of government as inequality rises? What can be done to close the gap? Syndicated columnist, Clarence Page, moderated this debate between Jared Bernstein and Charles Murray on the future of inequality in America. Presented by the National Poverty Center at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan with funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.




Livingston Awards announced for young journalists

A man falsely imprisoned for 25 years for the murder of his wife, the politics and manipulation of redistricting, and the extradition of a Jamaican drug lord that left nearly 75 civilians dead. These are the compelling stoires by the new Livingston Award winners. more >>


University of Michigan Names Knight-Wallace Fellows

The Knight-Wallace Fellows program at the University of Michigan has named 12 American and seven international jounalists for the 2012-2013 academic year. The group is the 39th to be offered fellowships by the University of Michigan. more >>

University of Michigan Remembers Mike Wallace

Michigan Today
Published April 19, 2012



Throughout his 40-year career at CBS News, Mike Wallace perfected a legendary, take-no-prisoners approach to journalism. It was an approach that could be traced to the reporter's formative days as a Michigan student, working at the University's 10-watt radio station and student newspaper. more >>




Knight-Wallace Fellow at Erb Speaker Series

Roger KWF Portrait


Roger Harrabin, Knight-Wallace Fellow and BBC Environmental Analyst, Changing Climates?

As part of the Erb Speakers Series, Roger presented 25 years of reporting on the environment. His look back on the world leaders he's upset, including Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, and examination of how the BBC wrestles with impartiality on environmental issues provoked discussion and questions form the Rackham Auditorium audience.



New York Times Executive Editor and KWF Board Member Delivers Graduation Speech

The Michigan Daily
By Andrew Schulman
Published December 19, 2011



As Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times, took the podium at Crisler Arena Sunday to deliver the keynote address at Winter Commencement, she warned students that her speech may not echo the optimism of Steve Jobs’s address to Stanford graduates in 2005. more >>



26th Graham Hovey Lecture

The Chief Operating Officer of the Word's Largest Online Obituary Service Expores The Internet's Role in Preserving Legacies
Hayes Ferguson

Hayes Ferguson delivered the 26th Graham Hovey Lecture, “Access to Obits: Building" on September 15 at Wallace House. Ferguson is chief operating officer of, Inc., the largest online obituary and memorial site developed in conjunction with over 800 newspaper partners around the world.  It is among the 100 most visited domains on the Internet. Ferguson oversees content, customer service, communications and corporate culture.

We followed up the lecture with a few questions. ... read more >>




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